Samuel Clemens Long

Filmmaker/Television Creator

Red Dwarf: Saragossa Manuscript

Red Dwarf: Saragossa Manuscript is a spec episode of the British comedy/sci-fi television show Red Dwarf (thus the funky formatting).

Red Dwarf is one of the best science fiction shows currently being made, if you can get past the laugh track.  Basically LISTER, the oafish everyman, is the last human being alive in the universe. On the ship is RIMMER, his old stickler roommate/nemesis (now a hologram), KRYTEN, the panicky robot butler, and CAT, a future evolution of man and cat, obsessed with his looks and preening. 

My episode gives loving homage to the 1965 Polish film The Saragossa Manuscript, based on the 1815 novel. Here, a mysterious book is brought in from space that contains hallucinogenic spores, affecting only Lister and Cat. For 24 hours Kryten and the begrudging Rimmer, have to participate in the delusions of increasing grandeur.

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