Samuel Clemens Long

Filmmaker/Television Creator

Curriculum Vitae 


Samuel Clemens Long Curriculum Vitae

About me: As a creator, I want to mess with you. A teacher once said that I walked with one toe over the line, and it’s still true today in my work as a creator/filmmaker. Being a certified (or certifiable) cinephile, there are so many times when I have wished other filmmakers would really push the envelope. Now I create those moments in my own writing and films.

Online presence: professional website for screenwriting, photography, and filmmaking.

Membership of Writers’ Societies: 

Instructor, NYC Screenwriters Collective 2014-2016.

Education: BA - Film Studies, Michigan State University, 2004-2008.


Credits / Experience:


short, drama; 2018, writer/director, currently at festivals.

Two opposing stories: one ending in rape. A man accuses a woman, in these two stories Overlay-ed.

Murder's Sweet Scent

short, neo-noir drama, 2016, writer/co-director.

When bodies start showing up in Chinatown, a black female private-eye must outsmart the saucy Russian femme fatale who hired her.

Sex Shark: Pilot

TV short, dramedy, 2016, writer/director, youtube.

A fiction/non-fiction hybrid look at the behind the scenes drama of Honeysuckle Magazine.

Stoners Review Movies

Web-series, comedy, 2015, writer, youtube.

Should you see X movie high? Improvisational humor reviews.

Arbor Day

Ford’s ‘The Searchers’ meets Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ in a horror story told ‘round the campfire. Beware your narrator.

“Degrees of Murder,” feature, courtroom drama, adapted from novel; 2012, screenwriter, unproduced.

When a prominent doctor faces trial for murder, testimony reveals that he may not have been the only one to cause his mistress’ death.



Two Dicks,” Television Pilot, dark comedy/police procedural.

When a billionaire playboy, turned homicide detective, gets partnered with the worst detective in New York City, he must outrun the NYPD to redeem himself, and cover up his crimes… or strip club first, then crime solving.


Red Dwarf: Saragossa Manuscript,” Spec episode, BBC sci-fi comedy.

The arrival of a cosmic, spore laced, book, creates a story within a story within a story within a story within a…


Planet New York,” Feature, sci-fi romance.

The last human in the universe creates his own Eves and must confront his intended role in the machine that is Planet New York.


Serious Sam,” Feature, sci-fi drama.

After Binging on antibiotics, Sam must separate reality from hallucination as he becomes a televangelist.


Swamp Escape 2000,” Feature, sci-fi action.

A railroaded ex-army officer must escape a prison specifically designed to let inmates loose during a planned hunting season, to save his wife and daughter.


Arbor Day,” Feature, Sci-fi drama. (adaptation of earlier short).


Crew work 2008-present:

I’ve worked with everyone from Sam Raimi, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Bay to Woody Allen. I’ve lit, rigged, propped and blown up almost everything. I’ve almost died (more than once) and now work union sets in New York.


Other Publications: – quarterly columnist, in house photographer/videographer. Handles @honeysucklemagazine

Shot Alan Cumming for the cover of the 6th printed edition. (Barnes & Noble) - professional videography work.


Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America. (could I be any more Midwest?)


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